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The most simple and

It's #1 drug-free option for quick pain relief. 


Effective in helping joint issues such as soreness and arthritis. 

Very safe for humans as well as pets. Actually, pets love PEMF!

Helps with so many other conditions, go check out our therapy programs list and to see what it can help you with.


There are two types of Cell Coils.

Double Puck 

Medium area and strong field - Ideal for treating both sides of the knees, ankles or shoulders and can be held in both hands for helping swelling or pain.

Single Puck 

Smaller area with strongest field - Ideal for bone regeneration and conditions with acute pain and inflammation such as arthritis and post operation recovery.

Very Simple


Plug in the cell coil into any mobile device (smartphone, iPad, tablet or laptop).

Place cell coil(s) where you need the therapy.


Perfectly safe for mobile devices - as safe as using your headphones.


After every tenth cell coil purchase,
we give one away

How does it work?

Simply stated, the mobile device sends a electric current through the cell coil which then produces a magnetic field. When placed over the body the magnetic field induces a current in your cells. This kind of stimulation helps the cells breathe and normalize. Similar to how your lungs assimilate oxygen and release carbon dioxide. But instead of using muscles to breathe like you do with your lungs, your cells need electric and gradient stimulation to breathe in nutrients and let out waste. Cells that are breathing too little or too much creates a toxic environment or an inflammatory condition. The best part of PEMF therapy is that it normalizes the cells capability to breathe which then induces its capability to regenerate and strengthen. learn more

How much power and how does it compare to other PEMF devices?

Cell coils are optimized for the audio output of a typical mobile device. They produce from as little as .1 to 23 gauss (magnetic field strength or power). A typical low powered PEMF device offers around .1 to 10 gauss. This gives you the flexibility of power to produce low power PEMF fields needed to facilitate healing at a cellular level. Why buy more then what you have too? You most likely have some kind of mobile device, now all you need is the cell coil.

What makes ours different then other mobile PEMF devices?

We simplified the PEMF therapy process by eliminating the need to purchase an amplifier or frequency generator (which all of our competitors sell in some shape, way or form). Both of these capabilities are available on a typical mobile device, so why not put them to use? Cell coils are small and durable and designed for your everyday life activities. Use it at home or work, while traveling, exercising or resting on your couch.


Understanding the Science

PEMF increases cell permeability or the flow of intercellular fluids in and out of the cells. It increases the cells ability to get out waste as well as absorb nutrients for health and regeneration. The key to PEMF's greater success is to having a proper and balanced diet. Eating foods that are high in nutrients and minerals. Human cells often become degenerate or unhealthy when there is a lack nutrients or minerals bio-available in the body. When I say bio-available, I mean the nutrients or minerals are locally available in the intercellular fluid around the cell. To help people with this, we offer what we call PEMF supplements. These are 100% natural plant-based supplements that will increase your nutrient and mineral intake. learn more

PEMF + nutrients/minerals = regeneration and greater health at a cellular level.

PEMF also activates the release of nitric-oxide. This is a molecule that’s produced naturally by your body. Nitric-oxide is important because it vasodilates, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels, causing them to widen and increase circulation. This is why it is so effective in helping joint issues like arthritis. These places on our bodies like joints have a harder time with blood flow.


Cell Coils give you a wide range of flexibility with power and frequencies. learn more


Make unlimited number of therapy programs tailored to your needs. learn more


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