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Coil Supplements


Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, I give you the tools to assist the body in the healing journey to a new you—Find out how PEMF combined with herbal aids creates a remedy of great efficacy. 



DR Christopher Herbal Formulas

Dr. Christopher Herbal Formulas

Dr John R. Christopher was a master herbalist who believed in the bodies ability to regenerate and heal itself when given the proper nutrients derived from wholesome foods and herbs. He created herbal combinations designed to assist specific areas of the body in the regenerative process. His herbal products are 100% organic and natural. No additives, or chemical clones.

Pure, no fillers.

100% Guaranteed Effective

Herb Formulas for coil


Complete Bone and Tissue

Bone and tissue support

pulled muscles

skin eruptions

vericose veins

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Katie Richards

Certified Master Herbalist & Holistic Iridologist

I am here to help you find the right food/herbal support you need to restore your health while using a cell coil. 
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