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  • What are the specifications?
  • Size and weight of Cell Coils?
  • What is your Refund and Return Policy?
    Refund and Return Policy REFUND POLICY At Cell Coil we stand behind our technology and the promises that we make. If you’re not company satisfied with your results and decide to return your cell coil(s) you will receive a full refund minus a 15% restocking fee. Your cell coil(s) is guaranteed to arrive to you in good working condition. If your cell coil(s) is not working properly for any reason, we will replace it immediately, free of charge. ​ ​ CONDITIONS: ​ 1. Returns must occur within 30 days of delivery and an original receipt is required (occasionally, we may offer certain purchasers a time extension of this guarantee at our sole discretion, which will be confirmed, to them, in writing) ​ 2. Returns must be approved by the Cell Coil team first. ​ 3. Please note that only orders placed directly through are eligible for a return from Cell Coil. Devices sold through other registered retailers are subject to their return policies. Devices purchased from unauthorized sources or resold by the original purchaser are NOT eligible for return or warranty. ​ 4. The cell coil(s), strap(s) and cover(s) are ALL required to be returned to us (not just the coil(s) itself). ​ 5. Refunds will NOT be processed until we have received the cell coil(s) and other components. ​ 6. If the cell coil(s) have been damaged from mistreatment, exposure to water, or has been tampered with, the refund will be voided. ​ 7. Straps are not eligible for a refund if they have been removed from their packaging. ​ ​ GENERAL WARNING: ​ The cell coils used with electronic mobile devices, especially those of a medical nature, should be handled with care and in accordance with the User Manual. Refund may be voided if a returned unit is deemed to have been damaged by the user in such instances as water damage, excessive heat, defective power sources or dropping the unit. ​ ​ REFUNDS ​ Refunds will be processed using the same method by which we were paid. If a card was used for the purchase, refunds will only be processed to the credit or debit card used for the transaction. If the card used has been lost, stolen or replaced, please first contact us at to advise us of the circumstances. We may require additional information from you to ensure that we meet internal and external integrity requirements. ​ ​ OUR RETURN CONDITIONS - SHIPPING AND REFUNDS ​ Full refund minus a 15% restocking fee and you will be required to pay the return shipping fee. ​ ​ CELL COIL - WARRANTY ​ Your cell coil(s) is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. We offer a one year warranty from the date you receive your cell coil(s). If your cell coil(s) is not working properly for any reason, please contact us at +1-844-448-1616 (Normal office hours are M-F 9:00am - 4:30PM PST) and we will help troubleshoot what the problem might be. If the problem cannot be resolved easily, we will have you return the cell coil(s) to us and we will replace the cell coil(s) immediately, including economy rate shipping, free of charge. This is applicable to all buyers. Your warranty will be voided if the device has been damaged from mistreatment, been exposed to water, or has been tampered with. ​ Please note that only orders placed directly through or an authorized Cell Coil affiliate or retailer are eligible for warranty. Devices purchased from unauthorized sources or resold by the original purchaser are NOT eligible to claim under our warranty. ​ ​ THE RETURN PROCESS ​ 1. Please write to our support team via email at It is standard when we reply, that we ask a few questions regarding your experience with the device to find out why it did not meet your needs and to improve our customer service processes. You are NOT obligated to provide feedback if you do not want to. We will require your confirmation of the purchase order number and the serial number of your device to complete the process. ​ 2. We will confirm the refund in writing. ​ 3. We will issue you a return authorization number that should be shipped back in the box with the returned product. ​ 4. If your cell coil(s) is not working and being returned under warranty because trouble-shooting has not resolved the problem, we will issue a return authorization number. Please place the cell coil(s) back into the original packaging, and ship the unit and components back to our office. This warranty return process is applicable to all buyers, regardless of location. ​ 5. Once we have received cell coil(s) being returned to us, we will advise you in writing in respect to a) your full refund payment or b) details of shipping/tracking for the replacement cell coil(s) we are sending you.
  • Do you have an afiliate program?
    Not at the moment. But stay tuned we might have one soon.
  • How do I play a PEMF therapy program for the Cell Coil?
  • How do I know if my Cell Coil is working?


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