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Many papers report that PEMF as FDA - approved therapy is effective for treating pseudoartrosis, diabetes mellitus induced complications, delayed wound healing, pain and neurodegenerative disorders [20-28]. In the clinic, this therapy has positive effects for the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues such as cartilage, bone, tendon and ligament [29-34]. Ryang We et al. [18] found a significant beneficial effect of PEMF on WOMAC pain scores at 1 month compared with a sham treatment (see [35]). In addition, a recent study of our group revealed a significant and relevant improvement in pain category of the WOMAC questionnaire, and significant improvements in mobility, daily activity score as well as global score during treatment of acute osteoarthritis of knee joint (severity level 2-4 according to ACR criteria).

PEMF therapy option is of particular relevance due to its effect on pain in patients. This is important when the patients suffer from intolerance to chronic and high doses of e.g. non- steroidal anti-rheumatic drugs. Due to pain reduction, mobility and ability to perform daily activities were improved. In consequence, this is beneficial for both passive physical movement and for physical training performed by the patient [36]. In addition, several recent studies showed again the effectiveness of the PEMF treatment in clinical assessment of arthritis and neuropathy [37-40]. On the other hand, transcutaneous electro stimulation by electrodes for therapy of knee osteoarthritis is reported to be not effective for pain relief [41].



We are a family owned business. Steve Richards has over 25+ years doing research and development as a medical process engineer. John Richards has worked with other PEMF companies, involving the development of devices and research of PEMF studies. Tim Patch has been a professional salesman for over 25+ years. 

Cell Coil products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Cell Coil is intended for the beneficial effect as set forth in the directions and instruction literature. These products do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. Always consult your medical doctor regarding any health concerns. The use of a PEMF device is contraindicated for people with pregnancy, epilepsy, bleeding, implanted metals and pacemakers.

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