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I have struggled with chronic back and neck pain for years. I combine PT, massages, and NSAIDs to stay comfortable. I am able to attach the coils to the provided strap, position it comfortably on the problem area, and continue to work on my computer comfortably. I usually do a 15-minute session on my back and shoulders. 

But, of course I was excited to try the coils on Frye! These were even easier than imagined. The strap is long enough to attach around her barrel or neck, and she doesn’t seem bothered. In fact, during the end of each session she is visibly more relaxed, yawning, and chewing. I usually position them on her neck or back to combat arthritis and stiffness. This weekend, however, when she had a reaction to an Adequan shot and developed a hand-size lump, I was excited to see how PEMF could treat the swelling. Within the first 15 minutes, the swelling was noticeably smaller and had disintegrated into two smaller lumps. The next day, I repeated the treatment and the swelling was almost unnoticeable!

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—  Claire Cumbee

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